My current medical condition & apology…

So despite doing everything in my power and not having been sick the majority of this past year, I started feeling pretty rough a few days ago. You’ve all heard about my friend Josh from WCAR going into the ICU and 4 members of Texas In July were also hospitalized this tour. It’s been hard touring this winter, we’re not a huge band with a bus and driver, the first 11,000 miles of this tour I split driving with our tour manager Nick just to make sure we got to shows because the roads have been horrible this year.

Yesterday I woke up and was in bad shape so I figured a nap would help. When I woke up my symptoms had magnified, I had a 103.6 fever, coughing, stuffed up, major sinus and ear pressure as well as being so weak I couldn’t lift my backpack. I wanted to try to push through the show but I had every symptom Josh had and it got so bad I was in tears from the pain. It was completely overwhelming. Nick our TM drove me straight to the closest Urgent Care where they found out quickly I needed serious medical attention.

I went to the ER and was admitted right away. I had been given multiple shots immediately to try to stop my fever from rising any higher. I had chest xrays tons of shots a ton of iv antibiotics dumped into me lots of blood drawn and a spinal tap done.

I currently have an unknown viral infection, bacterial bronchitis, bacterial laryngitis, bacterial pharyngitis and still have a fever of over 100 degrees. Because of the spinal tap draining the fluid from my spinal chord I can not only barely walk, but I’m in extreme pain. And I can’t have pain meds because if my symptoms come back I have to go back to the ER. I’m awaiting my test results for several things and even if everything is good from here on out, my recovery time is supposed to be 10 days. My goal however, pain or not is to be back asap. I just will have to be sitting down. But it’s better than missing all 9 shows during this span. I don’t miss shows if at all possible, I put everything I have into this band and our fans sick or not. I didn’t go to the hospital for 7 hours over a cold. I’m sorry to Jacksonville and Pompano Beach for missing shows we will makeup the shows asap. Go watch recent videos from this tour we’re at the highest level we’ve ever been and I will continue to make sure that’s the case. I love all of my family friends and fans who have stood by me, prayed for me and written me. Thank you for your understanding!